set de sartenes set de sartenes 2
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Induction frying pans are made of forged aluminum, with a visual temperature range system that lets you know the perfect moment to start cooking or add ingredients to the pan.
Laura Non-stick Induction... Laura Non-stick Induction... 2
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Ceramic coated frying pans made of marble coloured forged aluminum and soft bakelite wood effect handle. Ideal for those who love cooking. Its three frying pans in different sizes provide you with many more options and ease when cooking, as you can make several preparations at the same time.
Protector de Sartenes y Ollas. Protector de Sartenes y Ollas. 2
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Pan and Pot Protector.

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Cloen frying pan and pot protectors. Set of 3 Cloen pan protectors with the anti-slip system, ideal for storing frying pans and pots without damaging them.  Forget about scratched pans and pots due to bad storage.
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