Tired of cooking on pans that stick and ruin your dishes? Don't worry! With our high-quality pans, you can cook your favorite meals evenly and without the fear of sticking. Whether you're cooking eggs for breakfast or a delicious stir-fry for dinner, our pans are ideal for any dish. Made with durable and sturdy materials, our pans are designed to last. Get yours today and experience the difference in your kitchen! #CookingPans #HealthyCooking #CookingWithoutWorry

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Induction frying pans are made of forged aluminum, with a visual temperature range system that lets you know the perfect moment to start cooking or add ingredients to the pan.
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Much more than just an air fryer | 8 functions in one. Thanks to its incredible cyclonic convection system and its large capacity of 7 liters and 1700W of power, you can do EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE! from "frying" potatoes to roasting a chicken or enjoying a freshly made pizza. The Foodie Fryer has it all.
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Pan and Pot Protector.

Cloen frying pan and pot protectors. Set of 3 Cloen pan protectors with the anti-slip system, ideal for storing frying pans and pots without damaging them.  Forget about scratched pans and pots due to bad storage.
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