Fast and Invisible Wireless Charger Fast and Invisible Wireless Charger 2
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A wireless charger that allows you to charge your mobile device in a way that is easy and unobtrusive to the eye. It is installed underneath a surface, allowing it to be extremely discreet in appearance.
Hervidor Inalámbrico – Cordless Kettle

Cordless Kettle

Wireless Kettle: Are you a tea or coffee lover? Boiling water for tea, coffee and even for your favourite pre-cooked meals has never been easier. With the Cordless Kettle featuring Cloen's Cordless Technology, these activities have never been so easy and convenient. Power: 1500 Watt Capacity: 2.5L Multi-temperature setting
Robot de cocina – Cordless Mini pressure cooker
Kitchen robot: With its three modes, the food processor will be your best ally to have dishes ready with as little effort as possible and in the shortest time: rice, soups, and many other things can be prepared with this device and in addition, you will enjoy the maximum Cordless technology that Cloen has brought for you. Power: 1200 W Capacity: 4L Three...
Batidora inalámbrica – Cordless Blender

Cordless Blender

Make the best and most delicious preparations with your cordless blender, much more practical and easy to use.Cordless household appliances offered by Cloen, never before seen on the market. Be part of the future.Cordless blender:Power: 800WCoated stainless steel bodyWith pulse, ice crushing and blending functionAdjustable speedLED indicator lightOverheat...
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