Programmable pressure cooker +

Air fryer

20 programs that make your life easier.

The Foodie Pot. is your best friend in the kitchen. You can use it as a programmable pressure cooker or as an air fryer thanks to its intelligent lid, giving you a wide variety of cooking options.

. Cooking lenta
. Steaming
. Sautéing
. Desserts
. Beans

. Frying
. Pressurised
. Poaching
. Porridge
. Stew

. Yogurt
. Rice
. Soup
. And much more ...

With its display you can precisely control the temperature of your food during cooking so you don't have to worry about overcooked or undercooked dishes. Meat and fish cooked to perfection, just the way you like them.

The meat always cooked to perfection: just select your preferred doneness and the intelligent system will do the rest. No more guessing.

Cyclonic System

The cyclonic system of the Foodie Fryer., plus its compact and airtight large capacity design, ensures that all the air is contained in the chamber and actively flows around the food, which enhances cooking intensity and efficiency. This and much more makes it unique in the market.

Grilling without having to turn around

Cyclonic Air technology cooks quickly and evenly on both sides without having to turn the ingredients. A powerful fan circulates hot air inside the grill chamber at a temperature of up to 260°C around the food to cook and seal it evenly.

Thanks to its high temperature cooking it allows you to cook with little or no oil and achieve even cooking and grilling results. Low, medium, high or maximum temperature settings ensure delicious results with both fresh and frozen food.

All your favourite dishes in just one place.

To ensure that the Foodie Fryer. is able to achieve each of its functions optimally, we have included these accessories so that you can get the most out of it and make the most enjoyable and varied preparations at home. 

More flavour, less fume

The removable splash guard prevents grease from splashing onto the heating element and, combined with the temperature-controlled grill and cold air zone, reduces fumes.


Puedes poner directamente sobre la parrilla ingredientes congelados, no hay necesidad de descongelarlos. Más fácil imposible con el temporizador integrado.

Large Capacity

Prepara una comida para familiares y amigos con su recipiente de gran capacidad y su cesta para freír con aire, además de su parrilla, ideal para hasta 6 personas.

Easy to clean

Resulta muy fácil de limpiar gracias a sus piezas aptas para el lavavajillas, un revestimiento antiadherente y un práctico cepillo incluido.

Me encanta, la quiero.

La Foodie Fryer. es más que una freidora de aire, es un robot freidor de buen diseño y gran capacidad para amantes de la comida sana y que disfrutan compartir con la familia, si quieres puedes comprarla haciendo clic en el botón de debajo.

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