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Foodie Fryer

Foodie Fryer

Much more than just an air fryer | 8 functions in one.

Thanks to its incredible cyclonic convection system and its large capacity of 7 liters and 1700W of power, you can do EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE! from "frying" potatoes to roasting a chicken or enjoying a freshly made pizza.

The Foodie Fryer has it all.

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All your favourite dishes in just one place.

To make sure that the Foodie Fryer. is able to achieve each of its functions optimally, we have included these accessories so that you can get the most out of it and make the most enjoyable and varied preparations at home. 

Quickly and easily prepare delicious meals, side dishes and desserts with 8 cooking functions. You can easily select a programme and choose from preset cooking temperatures, or adjust the temperature manually for complete control. Here are the 8 functions:

1- Grill

Prepare your favourite dishes on the grill without having to go out in the garden or on a terrace. Prepare juicy steaks and burgers, sausages, bacon, caramelised chicken breasts, tender sea bass, asparagus, grilled corn and much more. This large capacity grill allows you to prepare up to 6 burgers.

2- Air Fryer

Transform into a powerful Air Fryer for hot air frying and create low-fat versions of your favourite fried foods: up to 75% less fat than traditional methods for frying everything from crispy Chips to chicken wings or fish fingers.

3- Roast

Prepare a delicious roast of beef or lamb with tender vegetables and baked potatoes.

4- Bake

Bake sweet and savoury snacks, from homemade falafels and focaccias to tartlets, cakes and other desserts.

5- Dehydrate

Dehydrate fresh ingredients to create snacks of cured meats, aromatic herbs and fruit snacks such as mango, pineapple and more.

6- Melt

Finish your pasta dishes by melting cheese and getting that melted cheese layer that your family will love.

7- Bread

Make breads and cakes with this function to always get your breads and cakes just perfect.

8- Pizza Maker

Ideal function for pizzas, quiches, pies and much more.

More flavour, less smoke

The removable splash guard prevents grease from splashing onto the heating element and, combined with the temperature-controlled grill and cold air zone, reduces smoke.


You can put frozen ingredients directly on the grill, no need to defrost them. The integrated timer makes it easier than ever.

Large Capacity

Prepare a meal for family and friends with its large capacity pan and air frying basket, plus its grill, ideal for up to 6 people.

Easy to clean

It is very easy to clean thanks to dishwasher-safe parts, a non-stick coating and a handy brush included.

Suitable for domestic use

This product is an electrical appliance. For your safety and convenience, please read this user manual carefully and follow the steps. Keep it for future reference.


Observe the safety precautions explained in the manual before using the Foodie Fryer.


Q: Should I use fresh/natural or frozen potatoes?

A: Both types can be used, although the time and temperature will vary accordingly. More details can be found in the "Recommendations for use" section.

Q: Which grid is recommended for which food?

A: We recommend cooking on the grill or in the non-stick frying basket, both of which have holes that ensure that all the food is cooked evenly thanks to the Foodie Fryer 8 in 1's cyclonic system.

Q: Can I follow the pre-cooked food time-temperature instructions for a conventional oven and apply them to the Foodie Fryer?

A: It should be taken into account that the space inside a conventional oven is larger, so the heat is not as close to the food as in the Foodie Fryer 8 in 1. This means that these indications can be taken as a reference but it is recommended to reduce the marked time by approximately 10%. (We also advise that based on the user's personal tastes and the size and shape of the food, a preliminary test should be carried out to determine whether or not additional cooking is required).

Q: Is it possible to cook only with the grill or with the non-stick basket?

A: No, under no circumstances can you cook with only one of these two pans without first inserting the non-stick cooking tray (see part 5 of the FoodieFryer in the user manual).

Q: What could be an example of a recipe for the manual function?

A: A simple example could be frozen spring rolls. What you need to do is to pay attention to the instructions on the packaging where the temperature and time needed to cook the product in a conventional oven are mentioned and, based on this, reduce the time by 10%. In other words, if we are given a time of 20 minutes at 225º, we would reduce the time by between 15 and 17 minutes instead of 20 (always bearing in mind the end result that the user prefers).

Q: Is it possible to put in moulds and use aluminium foil and baking paper?

A: Yes, as long as the moulds are made of silicone or ceramic (in principle, any container suitable for a conventional oven can be used). There is also no problem with aluminium foil and baking paper.

Q: Is it possible to fry several things at the same time?

A: Yes, thanks to its large capacity. In addition, having the grill allows you to cook with the grill and also place food in the non-stick cooking container, which will be placed underneath the grill.

Q: Is it suitable for gratin?

A: Yes, in fact, as it works in a similar way to a conventional oven, these types of cases are similar.

Q: Does it include a recipe booklet?

A: No, although you will find a QR code in the user manual that will redirect you to the recipe section of our website.

Q: Does it keep food warm?

A: Yes, it keeps it warm.

Q: Does it make a lot of noise?

A: No, it is a device that does not emit too much noise.

Q: Is smoke/steam coming out?

A: No, the Foodie Fryer 8-in-1 does not emit smoke or steam.

Q: What happens if I open the lid of my Foodie Fryer during the cooking process?

A: The machine will stop while the lid is open but when closing the previously programmed cooking process will continue.

Q: If I open the lid of my Foodie Fryer in the middle of cooking and find that the food is not at the desired doneness, can I change the time/temperature once the programme has started?

A: The temperature and time can be changed midway through the cooking process at the user's convenience.

Q: Can I cook different types of vegetables at the same time?

A: Yes, although the time it takes for each of them to be ready must be taken into account. For example, if you want to prepare a potato and onion side dish, you have to consider that the potato needs more time and a higher temperature to cook than the onion, so the latter should be added later. Additionally, think about the size and cut of the vegetables, so that the times for each of them are as similar as possible, and try to ensure that they all have the same thickness and consistency.


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