Personaliza tus objetos con estas pegatinas a prueba de agua.

Stickers and decorative vinyl stickers, scratch and water proof

Stickers to apply on your products in A5 size with FREE shipping to Spain. Use these stickers for your water bottle, for your objects, etc. They are scratchproof and waterproof. For the printing of all our stickers we use only the best materials, inks, and glue without solvents, so they are 100% tested and safe for children. 

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The best quality, childproof.

We are proud of the quality of our stickers as they are externally laminated one by one, so they are resistant to any adventure. From building sandcastles to the beach to swimming pools, climbing trees to summer camps.

Our personalised labels will always stick on and stay brightly coloured so that everything is neat and tidy, identified and nothing gets lost or confused.

So in the garden, nursery and school all school belongings: dummy, clothes, towels, toys and markers will be easily identifiable and will always come back home and no more repeat purchases.

We make the difference to deliver the best product.

At Cloen we are committed to using the best materials to deliver the best labels possible.

We take great care in selecting the materials, papers, inks and machines that will be used to produce your orders.

We spend a lot of time selecting the best adhesive to give you the greatest flexibility and pliability so that you can stick your labels on all surfaces.

Unlike other stickers available online, all Cloen customisable labels are laminated. This means that we laminate each sticker with a protective layer of a few tens of microns so as not to spoil the great flexibility of our labels.

We use a very high-end material so that it remains very durable over time. Once affixed, your labels will stand the test of time for years to come.

Our labels are thin, therefore very flexible and adapt to the shape of all objects. Our adhesive labels are waterproof (if your children go swimming, for example), washing machine resistant (if you stick your labels on crockery).

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